CU Mobile Apps Is on ‘Fire’ – Kindle Fire!

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CU Mobile Apps, which made history six months ago by introducing a revolutionary new app that took the credit union market by storm, is adding another history-making achievement to its record: based on industry research it will soon be the first affordable credit union mobile app solution of its kind accessible on the new Kindle Fire electronic tablet.

Analysts’ projections foresee that the Kindle Fire—just released on November 15 at the refreshingly competitive price of $199—will sell more than 5 million tablets by December 31st, followed by another 7 million in 2012 and 8 million more units in 2013.

Thus another record may be waiting to be shattered, as the extremely well-received mobile app becomes available to a potential 20 million more credit union members hungry for the convenience of mobile banking—plus the extras for which the popular app is famous.

Crash Bang Studios, LLC, developer of the Kindle Fire-supporting app soon to be available through Member Service Solutions, LLC, observed that “The Kindle Fire is certainly one of the best implementations of Android on a tablet that we have seen to date, and as a mobile application development company, we have seen a great many different mobile devices.  We are proud to announce that we will be officially supporting Kindle Fire, making it available to members by the end of the first quarter of 2012, along with continued availability of the native iPad and Android Tablet versions.”

Due to its unique “App Engine” platform, the CU Mobile Apps product is currently functional on iPhone, iTouch and iPad, as well as on Android devices.

As promised during its introduction, the original CU Mobile Apps product was designed to seamlessly accept and integrate newer technologies as they become available, said Rick Hargis, owner/partner of Member Service Solutions, LLC. “We are now adding Kindle Fire to  the list, and making good on our early promise to deliver new technologies at no additional subscription charge—and with no additional costly and inconvenient restructuring or redesign delays for our existing customers.”

Because the lightweight and roughly pocket-sized Kindle Fire, an Amazon product, is so conveniently portable, it is anticipated that a significant number of the 5 million new Kindle Fires purchasers will rely on it—and its credit union app—for all their mobile banking needs, predicts MSS partner Tom Gray, a trainer, consultant, and creator of tailored profitability solutions for client companies nationwide.

“More and more credit unions are thus recognizing the value of sending messages as well as using the app as a banking tool,” Gray pointed out. “Our cutting edge app enables credit unions to send push messages and notifications to their members, an exclusive capability that CU Mobile Apps clients are increasingly taking advantage of—at the rate of more than 40,000 push notification messages sent through the system over the last six months.”

That singular feature is dramatically gaining momentum; CU Mobile Apps reports that 11,000 of those 40,000 messages were sent within November alone, according to Gray. “As more subscriber credit unions realize the benefits of push notifications, we expect the recent explosive increase in usage of this feature to continue—especially as more of the Kindle Fire devices reach the hands of credit union members.”

Since its July introduction, the CU Mobile Apps product has quickly gained popularity due to its user-friendly design.  It allows subscribers to easily upload images, choose colors, customize items displayed, advertise loans, rates and promotions and add or change content at any time—with the results accessible to their members within 60 seconds.  Its competitively low subscription price and the absence of a contractual commitment are also winning more fans for the app.

CU Mobile Apps is the most recent product offered by Member Service Solutions, LLC, a respected provider of insurance and financial solutions for credit unions and financial institutions. Their headquarters is located in Franklin, Tennessee. Additional information about the app and its accessibility through Kindle Fire devices is available at and , or by calling (800) 537-9035, Ex. 105.

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